Wine and Food

The wine is traditionally at every table in European countries that have tradition in winemaking for thousands of years. Despite also being drank between meals, especially by rural workers who work from dusk till dawn, the wine’s finest hour happens during meals, enjoyed when it brings an extra value to the meal, and by receiving extra value by said meal. Therefore, it’s not surprising that nowadays people say that a chef is an oenologist’s best friend (or an oenologist is a chef’s best friend). To have good wines on a table is very important, but it might not be enough to receive pleasure from it. There’s also the need to choose the perfect moment to best enjoy a bottle of wine. Surroundings, fellowship, moments and – mainly – the dish that is paired with the wine, are essential factors that enhance the qualities of a wine and increases the effort from all producers, oenologists and professionals to bring the best wine to all customers.

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